January Update

Happy New 2023! We are so looking forward to this upcoming season. We cannot wait to be back at the markets, out and about on our farm and meeting all our customers again. We should have another exciting season. We are bringing in another breed of meat chicken, said to be more of a country chicken, but with tender juicy meat. We should be expanding our Turkey flock and our farm tours. With lots of luck and no unforeseen events we hope to have a  country shop on site. There you can purchase our farm products, and we are expecting to host some local products as well. We wish all of our past and future customers, a healthy, safe and Happy new Year.  


P.S. After the Holiday season for those of you that have a real Christmas tree and would like for it to go to good use, Francisco and Milkshake really enjoy pine needles. We appreciate all types of evergreens, as long as there is no ornaments or tinscle. Thank you all so much. 

February Update

Just to keep you updated. We have new life very early this year on the farm. Leah gave birth to twin Lambs. Springtime arrived early.  We are waiting for the arrivals of our 2023 flock.  The first batch of chicks arriving will be an egg laying variety called the Black Austaulorps. They are replacing some of our older birds that stopped laying. We decided this year that we will be raising Geese for the first time. We expect them to be ready in the fall.  Should you be interested in a Goose, please let us know early, we will only raise one batch and it is limited. Right now we are in the process of renovating our basement to create a store front for customers arriving at our farm. We thought it would be nicer to pick up our products from our store rather than a garage.  We hope to see you soon at the farm. Let's all wish Leah good luck with her twins

March Update

21 Days Until Spring. We cannot wait. We received our first batch of new egg layer chicks. They are so cute. We are happy to hear the chirping in our nursery. We finally did it! We are now producing Solar Energy for our home and farm. We have been using Solar for all of our fences and chicken tractors. But now we are fully solar, and fulfilling our mission to be a green and sustainable farm. 

We highly recommend "Empire Solar Solutions". They are a company much like ours, in that they provide one on one customer service. We cannot say enough compliments to explain how good the service is. The entire process from sales to install is absolutely smooth, worry free and relatively quick. Aside from the excellent customer service, you can expect courteous and professional installers and workmanship. Please contact Empire Solar (845)561-3403, empiresolarny.com, and start producing your own electric. Say that you are a Galli Family Farm customer and receive $500 off of your completed installation. Do not delay check out their website and learn about all of the other tax incentives.

April Update

Spring has started and we are only a few short weeks away from the Farmers Market season. Our egg laying Australorp Chicks are being integrated with the rest of the egg layers in the Coop. They should be laying in the next 5 months. Our Sasso Meat Chickens are two weeks old and growing. We received our Freedom Rangers and Kosher King Chickens. All should be ready by Memorial Day weekend. This month we are expecting our Standard Bronze Thanksgiving Turkeys, Broad Breast White Turkey and Pekin Duck ducklings. We are still putting together our store to be ready for the summer season. For the first time since we have been open, we are now offering Sheep. We partnered with a local butcher to process our sheep. So now we can offer whole sheep sold by live weight. We also have an abundance of Shetland Sheep Lambs this year. We are offering them up for sale as well. They make a great start for a homestead or small farm. They are wonderful little pets. They will be sold after they are finished weening, or we can sell the mommy with her lambs earlier. We all look forward to seeing everyone again at the Markets and especially at the farm.

May Update

May is here! We hope you are all doing well and are ready for this year's market season. Our first batches of chickens are already out on pasture developing their very delicious flavors. Our Thanksgiving turkeys are still inside our nursery developing their first feathers. It will be two more weeks before they can safely go out into the pasture. Our first batch of ducks will be heading out this week to pasture and swim in our pond.

Our Australorp Chickens are doing their job producing plenty of eggs. We expect to have eggs available at the markets this season.

 We have plenty of lambs this year. As such, we are able to offer our pure Shetland Lambs for sale. They make wonderful pets and are very friendly. They are a perfect starter sheep for those looking to start a homestead or hobby farm. We also have aligned with a processor who can process our sheep so that we can sell our sheep live, and then have them processed for meat.

We start this year's market season at the Roscoe Market on Sunday May 21 at 10 am. We will be in Roscoe on Sundays for the rest of the season. We will also be at the Liberty market on Fridays and Monticello market on Thursdays. We expect to be at Bethel Woods later this year. When you come to the farm this year check out our farm store. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

June Update

Sorry for the delayed June Update, but there is so much happening at the farm, and we have been busily trying to complete the farm store. We are now open for the summer, we will be open during the day Sunday through Friday, 10 am to 5 p.m. Our store will be stocked with fresh weekly poultry. Check our website and emails for the weekly specials. This week 6/11  we are going to have Fresh  Sasso, and Kosher King chickens available. Our ducks are two weeks away from being ready. We expect the first batch of ducks will ready for Father's Day weekend. This month we will also be receiving two more batches of Thanksgiving Turkeys to make up for our earlier shipping losses. We are adding two more farmers markets, The Liberty farmers Market on Fridays, starting on June 23rd, and the Monticello market on Thursdays, starting on July 6th.  We look forward to seeing you at the markets and the farm. Ask us about live Lamb for sale. We have an abundance of manure, and we will be offering it for sale, $5.00 a bag, approximately 40 lbs. 

July Update

Happy Independence Day! July is here and we are in full swing preduction. We are currently at 3 Farmers Markets, Roscoe, Liberty and Monticello. This month we expect our first batch of turkeys to be ready for the markets. We currently have fresh for each market, Ducks, Kosher King and Freedom Ranger Chickens. We sold out of our Sasso Chickens. They went fast as they are a very delicious bird. We are scheduled the next batch later this month.  As for our eggs, it seems to be a summer event where our chickens slow down production of eggs. Call us to reserve a dozen eggs to be picked up or at the farm store. Starting this month, for a 30 minute tour of the farm, we are asking for $5 per car.  As always, we look forward to seeing you soon. 

August Update

August is here and almost two weeks old. We have alot going on here at the farm as one might imagine. We are a month away from fall and all of our birds are growing rapidly. We expect to see the Geese becomming ready by the end of this month to mid September. Our Orlopp Turkeys should be set to go shrotly. We are considering raising them to be a smaller holiday bird, for smaller gatherings. We predict that they should weigh no more than 12 lbs. We will be offering them weekly as a fresh product until the supply runs out, and any remainders will be offered as a frozen product. We still have plenrty of Broad Breast White Turkeys, which are producing the best steaks and chops for grilling. If you have not tried them yet, you are missing out on a great flavor experience.  We have also this month, Kosher King Cornish Game Hens, Large whole White Ranger Chickens and our next batch of the Sasso Chicken will be ready soon. We will be at all of our regular scheduled Farmers Markets this month. We will be attending the Bethel Woods Harvest Festival on Sunday August 27, and will not be at the Roscoe Farmers Market on that date.  As always, please reach out to us for any special requests or orders. We look forward to seeing everyone at the markets and on the farm. We are still offering the 1/2 hour farm tour for $5 per vehicle, by appointment. We will see you soon.

September Update

We are well into September and our poultry is ready for the markets. This month we will be at the Monticello Market on Thursdays between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. That market will continue until the last Thursday in September. On Sundays we will be attending the Roscoe Farmers Market and the Bethel Woods Harvest Festival. Roscoe runs from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. The Harvest Festival runs from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. This month the last of our fresh Turkey will be availble in parts. We offer Turkey Tenderloin, London Broil, Steaks and Chops. We have this month Fresh Sasso Chickens, and Kosher King Chickens, whole, in parts, or frozen. We suggest strongly to place your Thanksgiving Turkey orders in now, we have very little left for the holiday, so do not hesitate. We look forward to seeing everyone either at one of the markets or on the farm.

October Update

Wow, fall is in full swing and although we are coming to an end of our raising season, we still have plenty of poultry available. Our Thanksgiving Turkey are all reserved for this year's holiday. We will still take orders on a first come first served waiting list if a turkey becomes available. We will have whole Goose available as well as, whole frozen Turkey that can be purchased for the holiday, as an alternative to our heritage breed turkey. Our last Farmers Market will be October 8th, on Sunday at Roscoe. Now is the time to stock up for your winter's worth of poultry to stock your freezer. After this market the only fresh poultry will be available at the farm for pick up. Our last batches of Kosher King and Freedom Ranger Chickens will be processed this month. After that we will only have frozen poultry available for purchase. We will not have fresh birds until next spring. Call or email us ahead of time to reserve orders for this market or farm pick up. We look forward to seeing everyone one last time for this season at the market.  

November Update

This is the month we have all been waiting for. Thanksgiving is only a couple of short weeks away. We are eager to provide the best tasting Turkey for the holiday, to our customers. True to form this year, we were reserved early for the Heritage Breed Turkeys, and fortunately have a good stock of Frozen Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys available for purchase this year as a good alternative. We do have plenty of Frozen Kosher King and Freedom Ranger Chickens available for purchase at the farm. Both chickens have large roaster sizes in the 5 to 6 lb. range that is also a good alternative to a full-sized turkey. We also have a few Geese left that can be reserved for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  All poultry (excluding the Thanksgiving Turkey) from now until next spring will be available frozen. We do not raise poultry unless there are enough fresh greens for them to forage in the pasture.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the farm in the coming weeks to pick up their holiday birds. After Thanksgiving we will be operating on a wintertime schedule, meaning we will be open by appointment only. Our farm tour season has also come to a close.  

Starting Sunday November 12, 2023 we will be attending the PIne Hill Farmers Market through April 2024. Check the contacts page for address and times.