January Update

Happy 2024! We are off to a wonderful farm year. Do to certain demands last season and your input, we made some changes to this year's line up of products. To start, we had an overwhelming demand for duck. So this year we are doubling the duck availability, so expect to see more duck during the summer season and running later into the fall market season. We also are eliminating the Broad Breasted White Turkey from our flock and instead focus on raising the Orlopp Bronze Turkey, with it's superior flavor. Expect to see the Orlopp in parts during the mid summer markets until the fall. A portion of that flock will be dedicated to a frozen whole bird option for the holidays. As for the Thanksgiving Turkey, we are no longer raising the Standard Bronze Turkey for this season, instead we will be putting a mojor effort to raising the Artisan Gold Turkey. The Artisan Gold was the most requested holiday Turkey last Thanksgiving, with the added benefit of not flying away once buthering day arrives. Although the geese were wonderful birds to raise and of course, eat, we will not be adding them to our menu this year,again focusing on our duck production. As for the chickens, We are only able to raise three breeds this year. The Kosher King hatch will not take place until late august, far too late for our purposes, so we will not be raising them this year. So unfortunate as the Kosher King is our personal favorite Roasting Chicken. However, we will be adding more batches of the Sasso, White Ranger and Freedom Ranger Chickens.

We have an exciting year this year and alot of changes will be taking place. We will be at more markets this year so please watch out for our weekley letter with the current updates, and market schedules. To better serve our customers, we will be dedicating more time to process orders and specialty requests, and no longer offer the Farm Tours. We thank all of our customers for their patronage and more importantly, the crucial feedback that helps us decide what to raise for the upcoming season. We look forward to seeing everyone at the markets or on the farm. We wish everyone a happy, safe and healthy 2024.


This month we will be at the Pine Hill Farmers Market on Sunday February 4 th. We will have fresh eggs, and a full selection of chickens whole and parts. With the upcoming Super Bowl event, we know there will be a lot of viewing parties. Hot wings and Buffalo Wings are a traditional Super Bowl food item. We have plenty of Turkey Wingettes. They make colossal sized Buffalo wings. Your guests will be surprised at the size of the wings, and the novelty of only being able to eat 1. Ask about our recipe for the Wingettes. You will not be disappointed. 

As for farm news, we received our first batches of chicks. We are currently raising our replenishing stock of egg layer chicks, to support our current flock.  They should be ready to add to our egg production by August. 

Great news! Leah, our first sheep, gave birth to two little lambs. Both of them are female and are doing great. They don't have names yet, we're open for suggestions as they will be with us for a long time. We are expecting a full pen of lambs in the short future. If you happen to be interested in starting your hobby farm or just have a couple of sheep for pets, please reserve you lamb early, before they are all sold off.

We look forward to seeing everyone again. Spring is fast approaching and we cannot wait to be back in full swing farming. Thank you all for being our customers.

March Update

Spring is quickly falling upon us. Our Sheep have been birthing lambs. Our newest addition is from Shula. A cute little lamb speckled with spots and a little pink nose. Now is prime time to pick up a pregnent Ewe, to start your hobby farm. The Shetland Sheep, Lamb around Late March into May. Please come by and pick some out. We are looking to switch our herd from the small sized Shetlands to Larger sized sheep. We will be starting our spring Farmers Markets soon. As soon as we get definatedates we will email an update and post a current schedule. 

We still have plenty of fresh eggs, and some frozen Chicken available for purchase. We expect to start receiving our 2024 meat chicks starting this month, with Ducklings.

We will keep everyone posted when the fresh products are ready. 

April Update

 April is her and yet we are covered in snow. However, we are on schedule to have fresh chickens and Ducks starting in May, approximately the week before Memorial day. We will be at this last of the farmers markets located at Pine Hill this Sunday April 7th, between 11 am until 2 pm. We will have fresh eggs and a limited supply of Frozen Chicken and Turkey, of which is remaining from last year's flock. 

Our ducklings are approximately 2 weeks old and will be heading outdoors in another week. Hopefully the snow clears an allows room for the grass to shoot up. The ducks will really enjoy eating all of the fresh greens.

We now have on hand a flock of Sasso Chickens, and a flock of Freedom Ranger Chickens that are only a few days old. They will be ready at the start of the outdoor farmers market season.

Later this month we will be receiving  a flock of Orlopp Turkeys. We will are also expecting a flock of White Ranger Chickens.

We are looking forward to getting out in the fields again once the weather breaks. This year we will not be conducting on farm tours. All sales at the farm will be by appointment only, so we can be sure to be available to serve everyone. 

We look forward to seeing you all at the markets this year. Thank you so much for being our customer.

May Update

This month marks the beginning of the farmers Market season. We will be starting Sunday May 19th, at the Roscoe Farmers Market between 10 am and 2 pm, and in addition we will be at the Phoenicia Farmers Market between 10 am until 2 pm. There are also lots of changes with this year's farming season.

We would have liked to have said that we will have fresh duck available for the first markets. Unfortunately, two nights ago, despite all of our precautions a fox raided our duck pen, and destroyed our entire flock. We woke up to find a pen full of duck bodies. Completely wasted. We do have another batch of ducks in the nursery, but that will not be ready for another 6 to 8 weeks.

We are still expecting to have fresh Sasso Chicken available for the upcoming markets. Call ahead if you would like to reserve a whole bird, spatchcocked. We will have all of the popular cuts as well as whole fresh chicken. 

We have upcoming flocks of Freedom Ranger and White Ranger Chickens in the nursery as well as on pasture, which will be ready for later markets. Unfortunately, this year none of our usual hatcheries are able to supply us with Kosher King Chicks, so they will not be available this year.

This year, and hopefully only this year, we will not have Fresh Heritage Breed Turkeys available for Thanksgiving. We will be raising only one breed of Turkey, and that will be the Orlopp Turkey. They produce such a wonderful flavor. We will have them available during the mid summer markets. We will hold a portion to be available as a whole frozen option for Thanksgiving. Supplies are very limited. If you are interested in this type of turkey for your holiday, please reach out to us, as soon as possible. As always we are a first come first serve basis with regards to turkey orders.

Our lamb herd exploded this year. We are again offering our lambs for sale. We are selling the Shetland breed of sheep. They are very hardy, and can tolerate harsh weather conditions. They are excellent forages and can make use of any type of foliage conditions. The sheep themselves have a very docile and friendly temperament. The young sheep like to be handled, and overtime, they become more pet-like in nature. They are a great sheep to start with on your new or existing farm. As for the meat quality produced by these sheep, they rank among the best flavored and textured. Although the Shetland is a small bodied sheep, they can reach weights up to 95 lbs. That typically translates to approximately 30 lbs. of processed meat per sheep. If you are interested in our sheep, please set up an appointment to pick out your lambs.

A lot of changes are happening at the farm this year. We will try our best to keep you updated. The selection of poultry available has changed, but the quality and care will remain the same. We look forward to seeing everyone again at the markets. Thank you all again for being our customers.

June Update

This is an exiting month. We waited until today June 8th, to submit this update. Today we Sheared our Sheep and wanted to show everyone the amount of wool created by our flock. The wool is free and available to pick up. Just let us know of your interest before we give it all away.

This month we will have available Sasso, Freedom Ranger, and White Ranger Chickens. As always we will have all the standard cuts, whole birds, fresh or frozen at each market. Email or call us ahead of any market for any specialty cut desired. With enough advanced notice, we can bring your order to your desired market for your convenience. Orders can also be picked up at the farm.

We still have plenty of lamb available for purchase. 

Starting Friday June 21, we will be at the Liberty Farmers Market until September 23, between the hours of 3 pm until 6 pm.