January Update

Happy New Year! 2022 is here, and it promises to be another great season on the farm. We are very excited to get the chicks started and ready for a new season of eating. We are adding several new breeds to this years line up. We will be offering 3 different breeds of meat chickens, as well as, Cornish Game Hens. We are adding 2 new breeds of turkeys. Along with our Standard Bronze Turkey, we will be adding the Artisan Gold Turkey for Thanksgiving. As an early available Turkey, we will be raising the Broad Breasted White Turkey. In addition look for the Orlop Turkey, to be a mid season offering, as well as, a frozen holiday bird option. We intend to be regulars at the Roscoe Farmers Market on Sundays throughout the summer. We look forward to seeing you, whether at the farm or at the market.

We are making a few changes this year at the farm. In the past we , did allow visitors to tour the farm on Saturdays, even though we were closed for business. This year Saturdays, are reserved for the family, as such we will not be available to have tours that day. If arriving at the farm to visit the animals we ask that you please call in advance. We would like to ensure that we do not have too big of a crowd at the same time. If you intend to have a group tour, those can be scheduled by making reservations in advance. We love showing the animals, as well as the animals love the attention. We are attempting to create a safe experience for all.

The New Year is here, and we cannot wait to share our farm experience with our customers, friends and family. We are looking ahead to a very fun season. We will keep you posted as the season progresses and we get closer to having fresh poultry available to purchase. Thank you all again.

February Update

Do you have cabin fever yet? We do. We cannot wait to get our chicks started. In the meantime we are busily preparing our nursery to be ready to accept the new arrivals in march. We are building more tractors and trying new ideas for a more efficient watering system.

The Sheep and Goats seem to be enjoying the cold weather. They have been laying out in the snow catching the snow flakes on their tongues. They are growing tired of eating dry hay. We can see that they cannot wait for springtime, so that they can leave the pen and find fresh greens to eat. Fortunately, we have a lot of yard work to manicure the grounds. They have benefitted from all of the fresh pine browse created by the clippings.

Our hens have been safely cooped up during this extreme cold and snow. They do not seem eager to leave the safety and warmth of the coop. Unfortunately, we did loose two hens to a fox, before the coop was closed for the night, when the weather was better.

Please take notice of our Buy page. Our prices have changed from last year to meet the growing cost to raise the birds this year. We look forward to the spring, and being outside enjoying our farm with the animals, as well as our customers.

March Update

Leah had a little lamb. This cutie was born on March 3rd. We waited to make the update in the event we would see more. So far, nothing else. We are expecting approximately 10 more new lambs this year. We are very excited.

This month is extremely busy. This week we are expecting our first batch of egg laying chicks. These hens will eventually replace our oldest hens in the coop. We were expecting our first batch of white turkeys next week, but the hatchery reported that their turkeys didn't hatch. The next batch of white Turkey is expected to hatch in April. That throws off our plans, but I am sure we can adjust. The following weeks will include shipments of Freedom Ranger and Kosher King Chicks. This month also includes our first of 3 batches of ducks.

It has been a tough winter , but it sure seems like spring will be here early. New life on the farm always brings the anticipation of another fun season. We have not decided on our spring and summer hours yet, so please check the website often. We hope to see you soon.

April Update

Spring started, and we are in full production mode. We have received Freedom Ranger, Kosher King, Broad Breasted White Turkey Chicks, and Ducklings. Next Week we should be receiving Cornish Rock Chicks. The following week we will be receiving our pride and joy birds, the Standard Bronze Turkeys. They will be ready for Thanksgiving in approximately 36 weeks. The early chicks should be ready by memorial day weekend. Our first sales will be at the Rosco Farmer's Market. After that we can sell on the farm. We have not decided on the open hours yet as our personal schedules are changing. We will post the summer hours at a later update.

So far we have got 7 new lambs. What a joy it is to watch the young sheep playing around the yard. I am sure they cannot wait for visitors as well. They like to be pet and hand fed.

We are looking forward to seeing all of our customers and visitors again.

May Update

The Standard Bronze Turkeys are in. Order as soon as you can to reserve this special bird for Thanksgiving. Last year we sold out very early. New for this season is the Artisan Gold Turkey, which will also be available for this Thanksgiving. If you have ordered the Standard Bronze last year, without hesitation give the Artisan Gold a taste. Once you compare the two, you will be pleasantly surprised at the unique flavor qualities between the two types of birds.

This month is exciting and hectic. Most of our birds are currently on pasture, and getting ready for the market. So far, the Freedom Rangers and Kosher Kings seem to be on track for our first Roscoe Farmers Market, scheduled for the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend. We are also hoping to have our first batch of Cornish Game Hens available for that day also.

In total we have received 9 new lambs on the farm. Most of them have been weened already and are eating regular pasture and grains like the big sheep. We are interested in selling a few. They would make a great addition to any homestead. Most are bred from Shetland Sheep and will remain quite small. They are very mild mannered and easy to keep.

We look forward to seeing everyone again.

June Update

June is here. Our first Farmer’s Market in Roscoe was very successful. We were very happy to meet returning, as well as new customers. As this month progresses, we expect to have a variety of poultry available at the market and on the farm. This month we will be getting a second shipment of ducklings, that should be ready for market mid-summer. We are expecting our Cornish Rock Chickens, Kosher Kings, and Freedom Ranger Chickens to be ready for market this month. Ducks will also be available mid-June. Most of the birds will be available whole, and in parts. Special orders can be requested earlier and then picked up at the Farmer’s Market. This year we will have two types of Turkeys available for the Thanksgiving holiday. Our farm favorite, the Standard Bronze Turkey, and the Artisan Gold Turkey are slowly growing. They are developing that deep juicy, turkey flavor, and are guaranteed to be the highlight of your holiday meal. To make a specific order, please email, or call us with any questions or requests. Remember to place your order for your Thanksgiving Turkey early, as those birds always sell out. You can email us, as well as order directly from us at the Farmer’s Market.

The summer hours on the farm will be, Monday through Thursday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday will be 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. We will be closed on Saturdays. Sundays we will be at the Farmer’s Market. We will be closed on Saturdays. In the past we did allow visitors to walk the Farm on Saturday, even though we did not conduct business. This year we will not have visitors on Saturdays.

July Update

Happy Independence Day! July is here and another wonderful holiday weekend is upon us. We are preparing to be fully stocked for the upcoming Farmer’s Market the first Sunday before the July 4th Holiday. Now is the best time to place an order for your Holiday B.B.Q. supplies. We cannot state enough of the grilling quality, texture, and flavor of the Freedom Ranger Chicken. That bird was almost certainly bred to be grilled on this holiday. We will also have Kosher King Chickens, and Cornish Rock Chickens, available whole or in parts.

All of our products can be requested in advance and picked up to order either at the Farmer’s Market or on the farm. If you would like to have a fresh product available instead of frozen when picking up, shoot us an email request, and we will reserve that product for you. Also, for the weekenders who like to rough it, and camp the weekend, we can prepare paper packaging that is easily disposed of, eliminating bulk waste created by the Styrofoam trays with plastic wrap. Do not hesitate to email any questions.

We have had several visits to the farm from various families, and our animals are loving the attention. Francisco and Milkshake were in their glory, and didn’t disappoint with their antics, giving everyone present something to laugh about. Oreo the sheep that thinks he is a goat joined in as well and ate people’s clothing along with Francisco and Milkshake.

We are looking forward to seeing everyone throughout the summer. Please stop in and experience, our farm and our animal friends.

Also, we will attempt the third annual 4th of July, running of the sheep and goats up and down Claryville Road. The event commemorates our first 4th of July with theses animals, when a bear knocked down the fence sending our animals running. Then the fireworks started further frightening the sheep and goats causing them to run up and down Claryville Road. Tourists and residents alike teamed up to try and recover the animals for us. It was quite the night.

August Update

To all our wonderful returning and new customers, thank you so much for making our summer very successful. We are very happy to announce that we will be adding a new Farmers Market to our lineup for August. Starting Friday August 5th, we will be attending the Liberty Farmers Market between 3- 6 p.m., located at 119 North Main Street, behind the stage. We are excited to show a new area some of our tasty products.

This month is a great month in terms of harvest. Available for the first time ever from our farm, The Orlopp Turkey. The Orlopp Turkey appears on the outside to be a Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey but was specifically bred to have excellent meat confirmation as well as, evenly distributed fat layering within the breast meat. Although they can visually be mistaken for our Standard Bronze Turkey, which is a heritage breed, The orlop is a commercial breed. We expect this turkey to be a very enjoyable eating experience. That can be fresh and ready for this Farmer’s Market by special order, as well as our usual spot in Roscoe. Order ahead for any special instructions. Parts as well as whole will be available Starting the second week of August. We decided to offer a smaller frozen turkey option for the holidays. The Orlopp was the bird to fit those criteria.

Available this week as well, is fresh whole Cornish Rock Chickens. Yes! These are the commercial standard chicken that you see in the supermarkets. However, our birds are raised in small flocks over fresh pasture and supplemented with organic feed. They are very happy chickens and as such, are very tasty chickens. They are a great all-purpose chicken, whether on the grill, roasted in the oven, fried, or in sauces. They will not disappoint on flavor. In fact, our Cornish Rocks will leave you wondering what it is you are purchasing at the supermarket, that chicken can taste so different.

We will also have Broad Breasted White Turkey available. These birds are the commercial standard of turkey. Again, the process in which we raise these fine birds, dictates that they will be a full-flavored turkey. Much like their wild counterparts. These birds were specifically raised by us to be a turkey cut up into parts, for quick summer meals. These birds will also leave you wondering what it is they do to turkeys in the supermarket that leaves them flavorless. These birds are great on the grill or roasted. Give them a try and taste for yourself the difference.

With luck we should have ducks this week as well. Our ducks are a favorite among some of our customers. These birds are wonderful to have around the farm. The ducks are free ranging and forage most of their feed. We supplement them on organic feed. Their activity and diet create a wonderful dark red meat, with a flavor similar to beef. We highly recommend trying one of our ducks. Whether in parts or whole, the ducks are well suited to being roasted slowly, as well as pan searing the breast making the fat crispy, then finish in the oven. Duck is most flavorful when it is cooked to a medium rare.

Please visit us at our new location at the Liberty Farmers Market This Friday. We will also be at our regular Farmers Market in Roscoe this Sunday. Reach out to us early, to make any special orders that can be ready for pick up on the farm or at either Market.

Thank you all again, for your business, and placing your trust in our products.

New this week, August 18th we will now be attending the Monticello Farmers Market. The Monticello Market is located at 10 Jefferson St, across from the Government Center, from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. This week Ducks will be available at all our markets. We look forward to seeing everyone at our new market as well as , our previous markets.

September Update

Another month has gone by. We are very appreciative of all of the positive feedback we are receiving at the Farmers Markets. Thank you all so much for enjoying our products.

We will no longer be attending the Monticello Farmers Market because school is starting and Dimona is needed to teach. We have two more markets in Liberty and we will finish our season in October at the Roscoe Farmers Market. We are very close now to the Thanksgiving Holiday. The rush is on. The reservation list is growing, which means our available flock is getting to be less. Please order your Turkey now to ensure we have a bird for you.

We do have a couple of frozen Orlopp Turkeys available between 11 to 13 lbs. If you cannot make it to the farm during Thanksgiving week, they make a great alternative. Also if you would like, we can offer any Turkey to be brought to the remaining Markets, Fresh or Frozen, Just order ahead.

These last few markets are going to be the best as far as selection goes. We will have Turkey, Ducks, Cornish, Kosher King, and Freedom Ranger Chickens available. Should you have any special orders or requests please call us or email us. We will do our best to accommodate. If you let us know early enough in the week, we can bring your order to the market of your choice.

These are the last batches of fresh poultry this year. There will be no more chicken or ducks available until we have fresh grass next spring. After Thanksgiving we will only have frozen poultry available.

It will be a good idea to fill your freezer now. Order ahead so that we can prepare your order for pick up.

Thanks again for enjoying and trusting our products. We look forward to seeing you again.

Artisan Gold

No longer Poults, the Artisan Gold Turkeys are slowly reaching their Thanksgiving weight. They spent a full summer eating fresh grass and insects. We expect that they should be juicey and full flavored. But do not expect a traditional turkey flavor with these birds. They naturally possess a hearty meaty flavor, which is quite unexpected and fully satisfying.

Standard Bronze

The Standard Bronze Turkeys are also on their way to their Thanksgiving weight. Just like the Artisan Golds, the Standard Bronze Turkey has been spending the summer over fresh pasture. Expect with these birds a traditional flavor times 10. Their flavor is very full, equally satisfying, tender and juicy. Store bought turkey is just plain tasteless compared to these birds. For the calorie counter, since these birds have a high protein diet, it takes less turkey meat eaten to feel full compared to commercial turkey meat.

October Update

October is here, and we have Thanksgiving in our sights. This is the last chance to order a fresh Heritage Breed Turkey for Thanksgiving. With the change of season orders are being received at a quick pace. We will not have any birds available going into November, so be sure if you have not ordered your bird or are still in the process of deciding, please do not hesitate, now is the time.

We have one more Farmers Market for the season, Sunday October 9th, in Roscoe. We will have the last batches of Fresh Duck, Freedom Ranger and Kosher King Chickens. After that we will only have frozen product at the farm. Purchases can be made by appointment. The only fresh birds will be the holiday turkeys. After Thanksgiving, it will not be until next spring when we have plenty of green fresh grass, when we will begin raising a new flock. So if you have any special orders or requests before the next market please reach out to us early this week, so we can accommodate you.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the farm and at the market before the season ends. Francisco and Milkshake, along with all of the sheep, would really like to see visitors before winter sets in. So please pay them a visit, they love the attention. Thank you all again for making this a positive and exciting market year.

November Update

This is it! Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away. The Turkeys are doing fine, even after the last attack by Coyotes, Bears and Fox. We did loose quite a few, but everyone's orders are secured to date. However, we had to stop taking orders early in October. There is a chance to win a Turkey if you have not ordered one earlier. We donate a Turkey to the Claryville Firehouse, and they hold a Raffle for the prize of a Thanksgiving Dinner. Attend the Claryville Pancake Breakfast the Sunday before Thanksgiving to participate in the raffle. The more raffle tickets purchased, the better the odds of winning. The Turkeys have been eating the last of the fresh greens left for this season, putting on their final weights and finishing their flavor profiles. We are looking forward to the holiday. We cannot wait to taste our holiday Turkey. It will make all the effort to raise them worth the wait. More importantly, we cannot wait for our customers to enjoy the traditional holiday flavor on Thanksgiving, sharing it with family and friends. Pick up for Holiday Turkeys start on the Sunday before Thanksgiving and run through Wednesday. "Happy Thanksgiving." In honor and spirit of the holiday, we would like to send a sincere Thank You, to all of our customers, for making this year and all past years a wonderful and prosperous experience for all of us.

Thanksgiving 2022

Thanksgiving is here. All of our turkeys are currently resting finishing off their distinct flavors for the holiday. We cannot wait to hear back from all of our customers, and how their holiday birds turned out. We had an extensive waiting list this year and unfortunately, not everyone received a turkey. All of our customers who reserved a bird early received the bird of their choice. We cannot stress enough that planning early gets the best results. So please plan for next Thanksgiving and reserve your bird now. We would like to thank all of our customers for their loyal patronage. Happy Thanksgiving from the Galli Family Farm. We wish you and your families health and happiness the whole year through.