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Thanksgiving Holiday Heritage and Specialty Breed Turkeys

These birds are raised specifically for the Thanksgiving holiday. From day one they are provided organic feed. Once they are fully feathered, at around 6 weeks, the Turkeys will spend the remainder of their growing for the next 20 to 25 weeks on fresh pasture. They will also be supplemented with organic feed while on pasture. The turkeys are allowed to forage and roost as if they were out in the wild. Those activities keep the birds happy, which we believe contributes to their fantastic flavor. They are processed and aged 6 to 7 days before the Thanksgiving holiday, to provide a very tender, natural, full flavored Turkey.  These birds are absolutely the star of the show on the Thanksgiving table.

Supply is very limited so it is best to order early to secure your bird for Thanksgiving. There is a $20.00 deposit to reserve your bird. The deposit will be deducted from the final price of the bird.

  Although we strive to provide our birds fresh, we can have them frozen for you by request. Since this is a fresh product, we try very hard to match the bird to the size you request.   The earlier you order and reserve a bird, the better chance at receiving the bird of your choice.


 Standard Bronze and Artisan Gold Turkey $13.99 a pound. Whole Bird Only.


Commercial Breed Turkeys

We will have two varieties of Broad Breasted Turkeys. The commercial standard, Broad Breasted White Turkey, and an Orlop Turkey which is a variety of the Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey. 

Our Broad Breasted White Turkeys, are our earliest Turkey variety. They are specifically raised to be available whole or in parts for our Farmers Market stand in Roscoe. We start this turkey in March to be out on pasture in early spring. since they grow fast we anticipate having them ready by mid June. 

The Orlop variety is anticipated to be ready by late August. This breed is raised to be our whole frozen bird in the area between 12 to 15 lbs. This bird will be an alternative to our Heritage Breed birds, and since it is frozen can be available for Christmas. 

Broad Breasted White   

Orlop Bronze     

Whole bird                  $10.99 lb.

Boneless Breast        $15.99 lb.

Thighs                          $12.99  lb.

Wingettes                   $14.99  lb.

Tenderloins                $15.99  lb.

Chops                           $13.99  lb.

Drumsticks                 $ 9.99  lb.

 Meat Chickens

      We offer four different varieties of meat birds.  The Freedom Ranger can range in size from 6 to 8 pounds. The White Rangers range in size from 5 to 7 pounds. The Kosher King Chickens can range in size from 4.5 to 6 pounds and Sasso chickens. All birds will be available as whole bird and parts.  All birds are subject to availability.  

Whole Bird                   $ 8.99  lb.

Split Breast                  $12.99 lb.

Boneless Breast         $13.99 lb.

Drumsticks                  $ 9.99  lb.

Wings                            $10.99 lb.

Thighs                           $10.99 lb.

Neck/Giblets               $ 5.99  lb.

Cornish Game Hen     $20.00 each.

Pekin Ducks

   During the growing season these birds can be ordered fresh. We only grow a limited amount of ducks. Once the growing season is over, the birds will be frozen. When ordering please advise us of the size bird you prefer. These birds range in size from 5.5 lbs., to 9 lbs. This year we will be raising two batches. We will advise when the birds will be butchered so they can be ordered fresh.  Otherwise the birds will be available whole and frozen. This year we will be sure to have just duck breast and other parts available.

Whole Bird                            $ 9.99 lb.

Boneless Breast                 $21.99 lb.

Leg/Thigh                             $17.99 lb.

Necks/Giblets                      $ 7.99 lb.

Emden Geese

Check back for availability.

Organic Eggs

    These eggs are provided by free range, organically fed heritage breed chickens. Eggs can be purchased by the dozen. 

         $8.00 a Dozen.

Dehydrated Chicken Feet - Dog Treats

These feet are a very healthy snack alternative for your puppy. 

1 Package 3 pcs.      $5.00

Dehydrated  Snacks Holiday Pack 

These packages contain 15 assorted pieces of Chicken Feet, Duck Feet and Duck Trachea. It is a wonderful gift idea for your furry family member.

1 Box is $35.00 shipping included.

Shetland Sheep

Very tender and tasty.  These are small breed sheep but the meat is amazing.  

The sheep ranges in sizes between 50 to 75 lbs.

We charge $5.00 per pound  live weight.

Using our butcher, we drop it off by him, and pick it up. We can bring it to the farm for you to pick up after it is processed and packaged, or we can set it up for you to pick up at one of the Farmers markets. The Butcher charges $100.00 per sheep to process.

Shetland Lambs

The Shetland Lamb is an excellent sheep to start on a small farm or homestead. They are very docile and friendly. They forage very well and can subsist in tougher terrain and weather conditions. Lambs are sold after their milking period.

If you prefer, we can offer the mother and lambs as a set, so that they can be purchased while still milking.

Lambs sell for $100.00 a piece.

Mother with one lamb $250.00

With two lambs $350.00