Farm Yard

Leah sneaking into the chicken coop.

Leah and Cotton her baby.

Manja and her twin girls.

A growing family.

Francisco the kid.

Francisco and mommy.

Francisco snuggling.

Francisco learning to drive.

The cousins Francisco and Milkshake.

Milkshake snuggling.

Mommy and kids.

A snowy day.

Three days old ducklings.

Pekin and Khaki Campbell are growing fast.

The amazing New Hampshire egg layer chicks

Socializing and scratching New Hampshires.

Four days old Red Ranger chicks.

Red Rangers fully feathered and enjoying the outdoors.

Two days old Standard Bronze turkey chicks.

Our proud Standard Bronze Tom.

Plump Pekins

Brahma Chicks cuddling in the coop.

Last years Chickens blocking the coop entrance from this year's New Hampshire chicks.

Chickens at roost before sun down.

Our 1 year old New Hampshire Rooster, on Dispaly declaring himself King of the Roost.

Wide view at sunset with all of the animals safely in their yards.

Sunset from the Duck's point of view.

Turkeys preparing to Roost for the night.

This Hen decided to skip the crowd below, and sleep on the Roof.

Leah's Son, Cotton.




Milkshake's Mother

Sheep and Goat Yard

Feeding frenzy .


Leah with her twins born Feb. 07, 2021

Meet Shula

Meet Oreo

The twins meeting for the first time since Oreo's recovery.

A new girl 04/03/2021

Manja"s new Daughter 04/04/21

Manja"s new son 04/04/2021

A new boy 04/04/2021

Manja and her daughter

Being cleaned

Cornish Chicks

Happy Kids


Cuddling Duckling

Feeding Frenzy

New Friends

Young Milkshake enjoying the attention

Turkey Time

Turkey Chicks

Happy Girl, Happy Turkey

Turkey Family

Lambs from 2022

"Kids will be kids."

Dimona with a new lamb that looks like a Neapolitan ice cream.

Dimona with a brand new lamb

Leah's baby lamb, Snowball.